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America Rising? January 10, 2010

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This is great. I truly hope the vast majority of Americans feel this way, too.

That’s all.


Think the Recession is Over? September 11, 2009

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Don’t just read the headline because there’s more to it than that.

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What Media Bias??

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Good news for Obama: New CNN poll shows viewers liked speech

A post-speech CNN poll came up with some positive findings for President Obama:

  • 77 percent had a very positive or somewhat positive reaction to his health-care speech (56 percent were “very positive”)
  • 70 percent said the policies Obama is proposing will move the country in the right direction.
  • 67 percent said they favored Obama’s plan to reform health care. 29 percent oppose it.
  • Asked how likely it is that Congress will pass most of his proposals, 75 percent said it was “very likely” or “somewhat likely.”
  • Finally, asked how clearly Obama laid out his plan, 72 percent said he “clearly” stated his goals.

Some notes on the poll:

427 adults who watched the speech were surveyed. 18% of the respondents who participated in the survey identified themselves as Republicans, 45% identified themselves as Democrats, and 37% identified themselves as Independents.

Margin of error: 5 percent.

This “poll” was touted by both CNN and MSNBC (surprise, surprise). PLEASE, everyone, if you get nothing else from this, understand that you cannot trust the mainstream media anymore. You have to read the fine print and take everything with a grain of salt. It’s unfortunate, but true. Sadly, there are only a minute number of real journalists left in this country.

That’s all.


Advice Worth Taking September 10, 2009

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‘Never invest in a business you cannot understand.’ ~Warren Buffett

I honestly don’t have any strong feelings regarding Warren Buffett. The only thing I don’t understand is how he could have supported Barack Obama for president in good conscience since he’s supposedly some genius financial guy – but I digress. Apparently, the feeling is mutual because President Obama has said that he would look to Buffett in regards to the economy, blah, blah, blah.

So, my point is this: Shouldn’t Obama take Buffett’s advice? Can’t we take that piece of advice one tiny step further and say, “Never invest in anything you don’t understand”? Nevermind all of the hullabaloo over healthcare that you’ve heard thus far. I have another question for you. Can we all agree that no matter what side of the debate you’re on, none of us truly understands what is in the healthcare bill or how it’s going to affect our country? So, if no one actually fully comprehends this thing, then why is it being pushed so hard? Why are we even fighting about it? Don’t we have more questions than answers? Even our elected representatives don’t understand it and they wrote the thing!

That’s all.


Lesson for the Day April 4, 2009

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I realize this will take up an entire 10 1/2 minutes of your life, but watch it if you don’t know that this country is a republic and NOT a democracy. Even if you do know, it’s interesting to watch. The 5000 Year Leap explains this, but I understand that would require one to read the book. You will learn something if you watch it – I did.

That’s all.


In His Own Words . . .

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Obama admits his energy plan of cap-and-trade will cause energy prices to “skyrocket”:

You can’t get any blunter than this. At least he’s being honest!

And he’s STILL talking about cap-and-trade. It’s going to happen, people. Cap and trade doesn’t work like they want it to – look it up. Okay, fine. I’ll do it FOR you!

That’s all.


The Mourning After November 5, 2008

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Nervous Wreck


Honestly, I’m just not up for writing. I’m so depressed, angry, sad – basically, every unpleasant emotion in the spectrum. When I woke up this morning, I suddenly remembered that Barak Obama was going to be our president and any pleasant feelings within me were sucked out. I was on edge all day, ready to snap at a moment’s notice.

As one person put it, America had a temper tantrum last night, like a child. Instead of using their brains, they voted with their emotions. Since I’m not up for writing, I urge you to read a partial transcript from the Glenn Beck Program. I think he made some really great points and it made me feel just a teensy weensy bit better about the impending doom.