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Darth Vader Speaks August 31, 2009

Filed under: Cheney,Politics — lissatz @ 8:05 pm

(I don’t care who you are, you gotta love this picture! :))


I just had to say something about what Vader- er, I mean Cheney – has been saying. I agree with much of what Cheney says. HOWEVER, I can’t trust him – especially on this. First, he’s a politician, so you can NEVER fully trust him. Second, he could lose his a*% on this whole CIA thing. And, although I pretty much despise everything President Obama and the Democratic-controlled Congress have done since January, I like the unspoken respect that all U.S. presidents are generally have for one another (yes, I know he’s “only” a former vice president, but still). “W”, for the most part, has kept quiet on the Obama Administration and I appreciate that. I believe Cheney should follow suit.

That’s all.