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More “Happy-Making” February 5, 2010

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Today, my good friend, Connie, made me realize yet another reason why I love Twilight so much. Not only did it help me break my unhealthy politics addiction, it also helped me get out (and stay out) of the depression I was having due to my miscarriage in August. I hadn’t even realized that until she reminded me that I had been e-mailing her and another friend about uncontrollable crying and depressing thoughts not long before I started reading the books. My miscarriage was August 12th and I started reading Twilight the first week of September. Wow. That is just amazing to me. Amazing because a) I had completely forgotten the timeframe in which that all occurred, and, b) that I hadn’t even realized how much Twilight helped me get through all that. I guess my mind was trying to suppress those horrible little memories (you know, instead of developing multiple personalities?). It actually makes me want to cry.

Connie says that Twilight is “happy-making” (a reference to another book series on my list to read, by the way) and I am constantly being reminded of how right she is. So, a huge thank you goes out to my girl Connie for bringing that important piece of information to my attention!

That’s all.


One Response to “More “Happy-Making””

  1. Connie Says:

    I really had been worried about you and tried to think of things I could do to help. I thought about just stopping by but I didn’t know if that would help if you wanted to be alone. But when you told me you were going to start reading Twilight I really did feel relieved. What can I say it is a cure-all.

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