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Surpriiiiiise! April 29, 2009

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I thought I’d surprise the crap out of all of you and do two whole posts minus the politics! I know, I know . . . hard to believe, right?

Unfortunately, this is only going to be worth reading if you watch the show Heroes. This is also going to be a very quick post. I just have to comment really quick on the last episode. First of all, I thought it was great – despite the fact that my friend’s husband tried to bring me down by telling me that now everything is just back to the way it started (Peter has his power back, etc., etc.) Whatever! I still enjoyed it. Holy crap! When the president turned into Peter I couldn’t believe it! I don’t know why I didn’t call it, but I didn’t. Anyways, when Peter turned into the President I could not believe it! Woo hoo! Now that Peter’s got his powers back, I think it’s time to take his shirt off again. Peter will not truly be Peter until that happens. I thought maybe when they were all by that fire he’d take off his shirt, but alas, it was not too be. Oh, well. There’s always next season . . .

That’s all. (See? I told you it would be short.)

Here’s some more Milo/Peter for your viewing pleasure.



This one’s for you, Merlena! April 20, 2009

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Okay, so I got some feedback over the weekend that my blog has become too political. I’ve kind of been feeling that way myself lately, but it’s so hard for me not to go political! There’s just so much going on that I feel people need to know about, because I know they’re not getting this info from the local news media or even most of the mass media. While I definitely have some political stuff to put up here (seeing as I went to the Tea Party in Phoenix Wednesday), today, I’m doing it for the fans (err . . . fan).

First off, something amazing happened this morning at about 9:03. Glenn Beck (my “hero”, if you will) is coming to the Dodge Theater in Phoenix June 2nd. He’s calling it the “Common Sense Comedy Tour”. That’s right, he’s actually quite funny. He’s kind of basing it off of Thomas Paine’s “Common Sense” and what he thinks Paine would say today (if he were alive, of course). Anyway, his tour last summer did not come to Arizona, but they did do a live simulcast to movie theaters nationwide and I went to one of the participating theaters here to see it. I also have the show on DVD and it is awesome. You laugh, you cry, you fight the overwhelming urge to write Beck’s name on your ballot. Anyway, because I’m an “Insider” I got to purchase tickets early today. Do you want to guess where my seats are????!!!! That’s right, baby, FRONT ROW!!!!!! Woo-freakin’-hoo! I am so excited, I cannot even tell you. There are no words to give my excitement the justice it is due. As I’ve stated before, I am a geek. You have your U2s, Brad Pitts, Coldplays, Britney Spears, whatever, and I have Glenn Beck. Besides this event, the best seats I’ve ever had for a show were for one of the two (that’s right, two) Neil Diamond concerts I went to. (Quick story: First one was when I was seven, so I had no control. The second was when my Nana received tickets as a gift and my grandfather wasn’t able to go with her.) I could literally see the sweat beading up on the old-timers’ noggin. I couldn’t believe I had such good tickets for freakin’ Neil Diamond, of all people. Oh, wait. There were a few others, I guess – a Verve Pipe and Tonic show where I was literally in front of a ginormous speaker (that was awesome!) and Matchbox 20 before they were really famous at Celebrity Theater. Whatever, the point is I’ve never been this excited to see someone and I have the best seats EVER!! I do not know how I’m going to wait so long to see him. I was thinking, what if I get pregnant between now and then and I have morning sickness at the show? Then I was thinking that it wouldn’t stop me. I was envisioning myself with an airline barf bag, sitting there in the front row. How awesome would that be?   

The other thing I wanted to share were a few pictures I took when I was at the shelter a few weeks ago. They have what we endearingly call the “fat cat room”. This is the smallest cattery room and it holds cats on special diets. While there are a variety of reasons for their “special” diets, most of them are in there because they are simply too fat and we need to limit their food intake. I can’t even remember this cat’s name, but she cracked me up. First of all, as you can see, she is very fat. While I understand that being fat is not healthy for any living creature, I think fat cats are awesome. Somehow, it gives them more personality. Don’t ask me why or how, it just is. Secondly, I love the way this crazy girl is laying. Not many cats, or even dogs, lay (okay, I’m not sure if it’s “lie” or “lay”. I know I’m supposed to be an English major, but I can’t remember the rule and don’t feel like investigating it right now) like this so it makes me laugh when I find one that does. So, I just wanted to share the pictures and this is the explanation.



That’s all . . . for now.


Time for a good ol’ fashioned tea party April 4, 2009

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Find one nearby and go. Stop with the apathy. Stop wondering what you can do. This is what you can do. Will this change things overnight? Of course not. This is only the beginning. You gotta start somewhere. I’m going to the one in Phoenix.

That’s all


San Antonio’s Ready, are You?

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I don’t know how anyone can watch this and NOT get inspired. It makes me want to get in my car and drive to San Antonio right now.

That’s all.


A Little Inspiration?

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“The 912 Project is designed to to bring us all back to the place that we were on Sept. 12, 2001. The day after America was attacked we were not the Red States of America or the Blue States of America we were the United States of America. We were not political parties, we were Americans. We were united, standing together to protect the values and principals of the greatest nation ever created.”

Obviously, this is a lot of Glenn Beck – from both his television and radio shows – but it’s something a Beck fan put together. This coincides with The 9-12 Project, which Glenn Beck started as a way for people to get together and figure out what to do.


Lesson for the Day

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I realize this will take up an entire 10 1/2 minutes of your life, but watch it if you don’t know that this country is a republic and NOT a democracy. Even if you do know, it’s interesting to watch. The 5000 Year Leap explains this, but I understand that would require one to read the book. You will learn something if you watch it – I did.

That’s all.


Beck goes after CT A.G.

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I know this is a little long, but it’s nice to see someone ask real, if unpopular, questions. It’s about the LAW – not what’s popular.