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Thinking Beyond December 28, 2008

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What is going with this country? What is wrong with people? Our society seems to have lost its’ ability to think beyond the present and beyond themselves. I truly cannot take it anymore. In the words of my mentor, Mr. Glenn Beck, it is going to make blood shoot right out of my eyes!


There was an e-mail going around recently which discussed how to trap wild pigs. While I don’t remember it word for word, the gist was this: First, you put out some food out for the pigs. It may take a little while for them to eat the food because they’re not used to it, but they’ll eat it eventually. Once they do, you put up just one side of a fence. Again, the wild pigs will be wary of this new object, but they will get used to it and continue to eat the food you put nearby. Then, you put out another side of a fence. Yet again, the pigs will be unsure of this foreign object invading their space. But, yet again, the pigs will acclimate to their new environment. This scenario is repeated until the pigs are finally fenced in by all four sides. Does this sound familiar to anyone?


Our government has been feeding us little bits of socialism for decades and we don’t even know it. Why don’t we know it? Because they’ve been giving it to us in such tiny doses that we don’t even realize what they’re doing to us. Along with the socialism (the “fence”, if you will), they keep giving us rewards (the “food”) with which to hypnotize us. Actually, I think maybe it’s more communism they are giving us, but either way, it’s bad. Check out the ideals of the Communist Manifesto:


  • Abolition of Private Property. (HOA’s, eminent domain, etc.)
  • Heavy Progressive Income Tax. (See previous post regarding taxes.)
  • Abolition of Rights of Inheritance. (Estate taxes, “death” tax)
  • Confiscation of Property Rights. (Again, HOA’s and eminent domain)
  • Central Bank. (Hello, Federal Reserve! Just look at what King Paulson is doing with OUR money!)
  • Government Ownership of Communication and Transportation. (FCC, DOT, etc.)
  • Government Ownership of Factories and Agriculture.
  • Government Control of Labor.
  • Corporate Farms and Regional Planning.
  • Government Control of Education. (Dept. of Education. Let’s face it, the government controls the schools except for that very small percentage of the population who can actually afford to send their kids to private school or home school them.)


Now we are seeing the government involve itself with mass home ownership (think, mortgage bailout) and even the entire U.S. automotive industry. Why are they doing this? Well, they like for us to believe that they are doing it for our own good. You know, you little people really can’t take care of yourselves, so we need “help” you. At least this is the excuse they like to dole out. That’s what the government always does. Just think about the ever-increasing red light and speed cameras here in the Valley. They claim that they are doing it for our own safety. If you are dense enough to believe this myth, then I don’t know what to tell you. I don’t understand how you’re able survive in the world. Anyway, the only reason they have these cameras is so that they can increase their income. You see, since they can’t figure out how to stay within their budgets (i.e. the taxes they impose upon us), they need another way to “tax” us, all under the guise of “safety”. Private companies are contracted to mail us tickets and the more they send out, the more money they (and the government) rake in. What a brilliant scheme!


Another example of the government trying to “help” us is the strong possibility of yet another “stimulus package”. The Democrats are determined to pass one the day after Obama’s inauguration, as if it worked the first time. And what do the citizens say? “Yeah! Give me more money! Gimme, gimme, gimme!” I hate to break it to everyone, but, and read carefully, WE DO NOT HAVE ANY MONEY! “But, then where are they gonna get the money?” Well, they’ll either print more, like they’ve been doing, reducing the value of our dollar even further and forcing the U.S. dollar to essentially become Monopoly money OR they’ll try to borrow it (that is, if anyone is still willing to do so with our credit rating being lowered) – either way, we, the taxpayers get to pay for it. Is that how you want your money spent, given to people in the hopes that it will save our broken economy? I’m sorry, but if the government’s going to screw us, I need a little more than a “hope”.


I just can’t believe what sheep most people seem to be. They can’t think beyond what’s in front of them. Think critically, people! Then again, when you look at the state of our educational system, I guess I can understand why no one is able to think critically anymore. Students are trained to memorize “facts” and spout them out. They are taught to pass standardized tests just so they can graduate. The only time they are made to think beyond that is in college, and even then, they are usually indoctrinated into liberal thinking and nothing more. (Just so I don’t offend any teachers out there, I’m not saying every teacher or every school system does this, it just seems to be the overwhelming majority. And, most teachers are forced to do so because of the standards given them.)


On the more “everyday” level, I’ve recently come across some instances of selfish, “now-thinking” that have not only annoyed me, but they bothered me deeply. I was walking one of my dogs the other day, crossing the street at an intersection in my neighborhood. I heard a car coming at a pretty good clip, but I was almost halfway across the street, so I figured the car would stop. Although most people might think nothing of hitting a person, they will screech to a halt, when faced with a defenseless animal in their path (sad, but true). Needless to say, I was a bit surprised when, instead of stopping at the stop sign before her, the young girl driving the beat-up white compact decided to pause a mere moment, almost clipping me and my dog before speeding off around the corner. I realized that the girl had seen me from far back on the street and had wanted to “beat” me to the stop sign so that she didn’t have to wait the five seconds for me and my canine friend to pass.


About a month ago, I was pulling up to a CVS Pharmacy drive-thru, when, out of nowhere, a large tan diesel truck came whipping around the corner, nearly hitting the front bumper of my meager sedan. I won’t attempt to detail the exact set-up of this particular CVS, but he was coming from the wrong direction. The arrows painted on the ground advise you to come from the direction from which I was coming. In order to pull into the drive-thru from the truck’s direction, you have to make a very wide turn, or back up first, as it is a very tight squeeze.  Yet another example of someone trying to “beat” me because he didn’t want to have to wait; someone who had to break the “rules” because his time is, apparently, more precious than mine.


One night, I was walking both of my dogs when I saw a man with three large German shepherds come out of the park and onto the street before me. I did not wish to have a confrontation with three huge dogs, especially since I’d only had my two for a couple of weeks, so I stayed where I was while I watched the man and his buddies cross the street.  To my surprise, as soon as he crossed, he simply let go of all three leashes! I could not believe it! It was completely dark outside and he was walking along the side of the street with three large dogs off leash! I was speechless! (Okay, so I wasn’t exactly “speechless”, I was whispering cuss words at him, to myself.) Of course, with this new turn of events, I made sure to stay put until I could no longer see the stranger and his giant dogs. The last thing I needed was a dog fight and a lawsuit. This man had absolutely no regard for anyone but himself. How did I know his dogs wouldn’t come after me or my dogs? One man cannot hold back three 100+ lb. dogs. It’s just not possible. Even if his dogs were extremely well-trained, that does not mean that they are perfect students. Dogs are still animals and once they get in group-think attack mode, there’s no telling what they’ll do. As I walked further down the street, I saw him about a half-mile from where I first spotted him, crossing the street with his unrestrained pups. If the worst happened, he would be liable, but I would be the one punished because I would have two dead dogs. Another case of utter selfishness.


Every day I am more and more disgusted with humanity and its’ lack of civility towards humanity. I’m not one of these utopian society peaceniks, mind you, but a little common decency would be nice. Why must everything always be about you? While I am, by no means, a “religious” person, the Bible has it so right in so many ways. The “golden rule”, as corny as it may sound, is dead on. Look, I would never be so pretentious as to pretend that I am anything but completely and utterly imperfect, but a little “do unto others as you would have done unto you” could go a long way in this world.


Survival of the Fittest December 17, 2008

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“It is not necessary to change. Survival is not mandatory.” ~W. Edwards Deming

I’m sure anyone who doesn’t know me would look at this quote and think I was referencing Barack Obama. While Obama supporters would take this quote and incorporate it into the newest tagline promoting their one-and-only, I use it for very different purposes. (Unfortunately, the President Elect’s version of change is disturbing, at best.)

I’ve seen this quote before, but I came across it again  last week and the first thing that came to my mind was the “Big Three” auto bailout debacle. I understand the thought behind bailing these guys out (I have plenty of friends and acquaintances who are for it), but I am completely against it. I believe they should file for bankruptcy just like every other company would have to (with the exception, of course, of all the other companies we’ve already bailed out). I’m no economist or financial advisor, but contrary to popular belief, bankruptcy is not a prelude to doom. The point is to undergo a total transformation so that they don’t have to close the doors. One of the many arguments people use to excuse their support of the bailouts is that there will be too many people on unemployment if they fail. Well, guess what? If the automakers don’t undergo a complete  overhaul they will go under eventually, anyways! Why do we want to delay the inevitable and put our country into more debt than it already is in the process? In response to this reasoning, bailout supporters say that the government should be highly involved (that whole “Car Czar” thing) to ensure that the automakers do completely revamp, spend the money wisely, etc., etc. Question: Since when did we start trusting the government to do anything? When’s the last time the government did anything right? Anyone been to a VA hospital lately? How about those Indian reservations and all those great government programs we have to help them? How are they doing? Let’s see, what else does the government do? Oh, yeah! They do all the highway construction, don’t they? How long has that one-mile section of freeway been under construction? Well, what about the education system? Oh, yeah – that’s crap, too! Seems to met that the last thing we want is the government involved in anything.

So now Congress has said “no” to the Big Three auto bailout, but King George is going to do it anyways. Great. Let’s just ignore the will of the people through their elected representatives and do whatever the hell we want! You know, I am so confused lately. I can’t figure out whether we are living in a communist society, a socialistic one, or a dictatorship! Which is it?

Okay, I’ve got to get back to my original point. So, yes, change is necessary (good change, that is). If you refuse to change, you will not survive. The choice is yours, automakers. Obviously, what you’ve been doing has not worked. You’re being killed by foreign automakers. It’s time to figure out why and make the necessary changes. It’s simple. No matter how many handouts our government forces us to give you, eventually, you will crumble unless you change. Oh, that’s another thing! Why am I being forced to become a shareholder in GM, Ford, and Chrysler? I don’t want to have anything to do with them, yet my government is forcing me to do so. Nice.

That’s all.


Actions Speak Louder Than Words, But Fancier December 10, 2008

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“Your actions speak so loud that I cannot hear what you say.” ~Ralph Waldo Emerson

I love this quote. Of course, it’s really just a prettier way of saying that other phrase we’ve heard a thousand times, and I think it should actually be “loudly”, not “loud”, but it still works. Since I just haven’t had time to work on the political post I want to put up, I figured I should at least put somethingup here. Since I absolutely LOVE quotes, I thought this would be a good way to go. Anyway, this quote is great not only because it’s pretty, but because, of course, it’s so totally true. Anyone can talk a good game or make a claim, but if your actions don’t back up the words coming out of your mouth, they are left meaningless. Actually, my hero, Glenn Beck, was talking about this very thing today. He was talking about how back when he was a total disaster (you know, alcoholic, drug addict, your basic a*%hole), he lied to everyone he knew. Then one day, he realized that he had absolutely nothing – he didn’t even have his word. Not only was he this total loser of a human, but not one person could trust a thing he said because he had proven to be completely without honor. He decided from there on out that no matter how broke he was or where he was in his life, everyone could at least count on his word. He would say what he meant and meant what he said because that is the one thing in life that you can always hold onto; no one can take that from you. Anyways, it just really hit me for some reason. And it’s just another reason why I love Glenn Beck. I just sense that he is an extremely sincere person. He really does mean what he says and says what he means. This world could use more of that.

That’s all.


The best website EVAR! (Yes, that is supposed to be misspelled. You know, to look like how a Valley girl would say it.) December 9, 2008

Filed under: Day-to-Day,Miscellaneous — lissatz @ 9:53 pm is officialy my most favoritist website in the whole wide world. I know I’m a total loser because I’ve posted nothing in forever. I have another more political post I’m working on, but for now, let’s just talk about Etsy.

So, one of my friends (okay, so, like, one of my only 3 friends – I’m selective, okay? actually, that’s an entirely different topic that I could blog about, but I’ll save it for another day) had this website listed on her blog because her sister sells stuff on it. All I knew was that it was a website where people sell homemade stuff. I’m thinking, “Yeah, like I want to buy some cheesy crafts that some stay-at-home mom makes in her spare time. How gay!” But then, I actually decided to check it out. Oh-my-God! It’s so NOT cheesy little craft projects. It is really cool, original, amazing items that these awesome people make with their very own hands, like in the good ol’ days. So cool! You can get pretty much anything on this site – I’m not kidding you. I’m talking pottery, jewelry of all kinds, food of all kinds, clocks, photography, paintings, etc. I can’t name even a small percentage of the kind of great stuff they have on here. I could spend months exploring it.

Etsy reminds me a bit of another site that I love, Uncommon Goods, however, is more expensive, but you can find items for anywhere from $10 to thousands of dollars. Etsy, on the other hand, is much more inexpensive. While there are pricier items, for the most part, is is pretty cheap. The beauty of both of these sites is that it is all unique, one-of-a-kind stuff. Nothing you can find at your local Target or shopping mall – and without the designer price tags.

In addition to all of these reasons, Etsy is also much better than Ebay, in my experience. I won’t go into detail, but I’ve only purchased two things off of Ebay and both times were bad experiences. I made sure to purchase from sellers with high feedback ratings and I still ended up getting screwed. On the other hand, most of Etsy’s sellers seem to have 100% ratings with a high number of buyers. I’ve purchased about ten things from ten different sellers and all of been absolutely wonderful experiences. Everyone is so nice and well-skilled in the customer service department. 90% of the sellers I purchased from sent me personal e-mails thanking me for my purchase and at least half sent me beautiful personalized thank you cards/notes with the shipment (personally addressed to me). So amazing.

I’m telling you, if you haven’t experienced this website, you simply must do so. I love it!

That’s all.

P.S. Oh, yeah! One more thing: these sellers seem pretty open to customizing things for you, too. I asked one if they could do a canvas I found, but with black writing instead of white, and it was no problem at all. She specially made it just for me. So totally awesome!