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Just one more? June 29, 2008

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I went to the animal shelter this morning (I volunteer at the Arizona Animal Welfare League in Phx) and I found the absolute sweetest kitty EVER! His name is Simon and he’s a gray tabby. When I went into the room, he started meowing at me, so I went over to pet him. About 20 seconds into the lovefest, he started walking his two front feet up my chest, stopping at my shoulder. Then, he proceeded to jump up onto me so that I could hold him. He purred like a well-oiled machine while he rubbed his face on mine, alternating sides, of course, for about 8 minutes. Unfortunately, I had to leave, because I’m sure he would have stayed in my arms all day. What a sweetheart! For those of you who don’t know about cats, it’s not all that common for any cat to enjoy being held, never mind a cat in a shelter. The vast majority of cats in shelters would rather you give them a shot than have you pick them up. I love Simon! If only I didn’t already have four cats . . .


Just one more, I promise. June 28, 2008

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I just had to share this link. Read the first story and then listen to the audio of this guy’s voice mails. Wow, what a cocky, self-absorbed loser! I don’t think she called him back. 🙂


It’s the Economy, Stupid

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We all know the economy is going to crap, but did you know how many businesses are either going out of business or are closing a bunch of stores across the country?? I heard a list of them on the radio today. Here’s a short list: Home Depot (15 stores), Lane Bryant (150 stores), Fashion Bug, Foot Locker (140 stores), Anne Taylor (117 stores), Levitz (closing all locations and they’ve been in business since 1910!), Starbucks, CompUSA (out of bus.), Sprint Nextel (125 stores), Sharper Image (90-100 stores), Eddie Bauer (29 stores), Talbots (100 stores), Zales (105 stores), Macy’s (9 stores), Gap (85 stores), Disney (98 stores), Ethan Allen (12 stores), Wilson’s Leather (158 stores), KB Toys (365 stores), Dillards (6 stores), etc. And this is not even a complete list, people! I’m not trying to scare anyone any more than they already are, but we are in trouble here, people. We better think very long and hard about who we want in office in 2009. Don’t just listen to all of the rhetoric. Get the facts and look at their voting records – not just the “pretty” speeches and catch phrases.




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So, I finally decided to let me secret out. I actually let my friends and family know that I have a blog. Thankfully, I haven’t gotten much crap from any of them. In my e-mail, I pointed out that at least it’s not a MySpace account, which is, of course, a total loser thing to do. My good friend Connie responded in offense because she is, apparently, in my opinion, the Queen of All Losers because she has: a MySpace account, Facebook account, a blog, and belongs to a bunch of boards a book series, and multiple bands. Oops. See, I told you this blog thing was going to get me into trouble.


It’s Official June 27, 2008

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It is officially that time of year. The time of year when, in Arizona, it will be 110-degrees, get-third-degree-burns-from-opening-your-car-door hot, and out of nowhere comes a hurricane-esque storm of massive proportion. And, while your house may get hit, your friend who lives a mile away didn’t feel a thing. When I came out of the gym yesterday afternoon, the air smelled of rain. It didn’t really seem like it could have rained since everything in sight was dry, but I noticed my car looked a little dirtier than it had when I went into the gym, so I became more suspect. When I pulled up to my house seven minutes later, it was just barely sprinkling. Minutes later I looked out onto my patio to find my outdoor shades blowing around like the flames of a birhtday candle and the rain coming down in buckets. I figured I’d better go out and put the shades up so they don’t get ruined from the wind. If only I had known what an adventure this was to be. So, I’ve got one hand on the plastic chain thingy that draws up the blinds and the other on the metal pole at the bottom of them, attempting to roll them up without getting wrinkled. The wind, is of course, blowing them all over the place and the water falling from the edge of the roof is literally pouring into my eyes so that I think for a second that I’m actually underwater. I cannot see. Finally, five minutes later, I’ve got the shade up. YEAH! The problem is, I’ve got two shades. Same thing happens with this one, except I absolutely cannot roll up the shade without it being completely wrinkled. Screw it! I roll it up wrinkled. By this time my patio is flooded in about an inch of rain approximately six inches away from my back door. When I finally make it back inside, I am completely and utterly DRENCHED! I appear to have jumped into a pool and gone swimming in my workout gear. My hair is dripping and so are my clothes and sneakers. My sports bra, socks, and underwear are soaked through. On top of this, my knuckles are rubbed raw from trying to pull up the shades and rubbing on the stucco.

It was awesome.


This is a test. This is only a test. June 21, 2008

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My 20-lb. cat

Like I said, I have no idea what I’m doing with this thing. I’m just testing out some of the features because I have no idea what they do. This is my 20-lb. cat, Tyson, helping me work on my 20-page research paper by laying on my used index cards.


What am I doing?

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So I have no freakin’ idea what I’m going to do with this blog thing. Am I just going to blog about my daily thoughts/events, etc. or am I going to try to make it into something more? Am I going to tell anyone about it? If I’m not going to tell anyone about it, then what the hell am I doing it for? I also have to be careful what I say on here because I don’t really want to end up with no friends or family.  So many questions and things to consider.  What to do . . .